Retail The Places you'll go Killjoy Panel 1

Retail The Places you'll go Killjoy Panel 1

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Design is hand drawn and painted using watercolor.

Stripes are approx 3/4 of an inch

Design size is approximately 8x8 inches

Panel is 20 inches wide and 32 inches in length. Perfect for a front and back bodice, dress front, and/or front romper. 

Cotton lycra- great for patterns requiring 4 way stretch. This fabric has amazing rebound and is so soft! Bright and vivid colors! 

  • composition: 95% cotton 5% lycra (4 way stretch) 
  • weight and size: 250-260 gsm, 58" wide 

Cotton woven- This woven is unlike any I have ever felt. It is incredibly soft even before washing! 

  • composition: 100% cotton
  • weight and size: 150 gsm, 64" wide